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• Throwing Instruction
  Throwing Instruction
Throwing Instruction

1. Hold the Boomerang, as in Diagram 1, with the painted side towards you. The key to successful throwing is to impart considerable spin. This is done by holding no more than 3-4 cms, with the index finger hooked around the tip. Now, holding the Boomerang firmly, let the wrist fall back (Diagram 2)

2 Face approximately 45 degrees to the right of any oncoming breeze, no matter how slight. For learners, Boomerang throwing is not recommended in strong winds.

3. Lean the Boomerang over 30 degrees as in Diagram 3 and throw on this angle.
Importants: To prevent damaging your Boomerang , do not throw it horizontally.

4. Now give a quick throw keeping the hand closed so that, in leaving, the Boomerang has to pull itself free and pivot around the index finger. Aim slightly up (Diagram 4).

5. As you become expert in throwing, you may wish to catch your Boomerang. Do this by clapping it between both hands as it comes to you (diagram 5).

N.B. If the Boomerang lands onyour left, aim more to the right of the oncoming breeze and vice verca. If it has gone too high and lands behind, adjust the angle of lean closer to vertical. A little practice and you will soon be throwing like a champion.

Precaution: Always throw in clear area away from spectators.

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