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  A4 Prints
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Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Stingray

click to enlarge
"The stingray is the family totem of the Buchanan family.
We cannot eat this meat, it is for the tribes next door to the Gumbaynggirr Nation"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Starlight

click to enlarge
"The journey of the 5th dimension of time and space, through the eyes of an aboriginal. The spirits are born from a star"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Message Stick

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"The message stick says that the snake receives a message from the two spirits, telling the snake that the sun and the beetles are needed to make things grow.
All beetles have a purpose on mother earth.
Everything has a purpose"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Returning

click to enlarge
"Animals from all over the world, survive on mother earth. The animals are very much at home searching for food. Our ancestors are apart of the animals and keep a watch over us all"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - The Beach

click to enlarge
"The beach is a beautiful place. You should face the waves as they come in, so you will not be pushed over. There are crabs, pippies and fish to eat.
You must walk softly along the beach, so that the vibrations will not carry to the food in front of the waves"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Tropical Fish

click to enlarge
"Tropical fish live in warm waters of the ocean. Without the tropical fish and all of the ocean, we would have no land mass. We should take care of our oceans"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Starfish

click to enlarge
"The starfish is closely related to the sea urchins. The under-side of the starfish has tube feet. They live in rock pools to feed, and hide under the rocks when the tide goes out"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Moon Jellyfish

click to enlarge
"The moon jellyfish do not sting humans. The thread like tentacles around the bell can sting, only when they catch small pray, human skin is to thick to pierce through. They swim by pulsing the bell, pushing forward slowly through the water"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Brolga

click to enlarge
"The Brolga from the 5th Dimension"
The Brolga steps into the earth's atmosphere and tells the spirits of the earth to get a message to all people on earth, that the big trees and all trees must live.
The trees are our ancestors and remaining answers to life"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Connected Journey

click to enlarge
"The rainbow serpents put out rays of energy connecting with positive ones.
The tree of life is where all the answers are. The mother earth spirit protects the human beings. We must be in tune with mother earth"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Friends of Rain

click to enlarge
"Mountains are important they are friends of the rain.
Like the trees think before we move them"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Universe

click to enlarge
"When we sit and are still with no thoughts this is a space when we connect to the universe and each other"
AUD$ 36.95

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