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  A4 Prints
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Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Abundance

click to enlarge
"The world is one, the spirits of the world say that we must join together to save our earth. An abundance of the richest foods are here to share.
Respect the earth, or mother earth will breathe no more"

The photograph is an example only. Since this is an original item design may vary, quality is assured
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Cycles of Life

click to enlarge
"The different stages that happen in life, connecting with the threads of life found in nature and everything around us.
The spirits dwell in us constantly, we just have to listen"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Eye of Energy

click to enlarge
"The eye of energy is very powerful when you reach the stage of enlightenment, things will happenfor you. You will see the aura that people have.
The spirit inside everyone lies within us all, its strong and powerful"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Life

click to enlarge
"The meaning of life is to love all that is here on mother earth, animals, humans and love the sun and the universe and most of all love yourself, and be yourself.
The moment we are born, we begin to die. Life is love"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Unity

click to enlarge
"Ancient spirits roam the world and tell their message, to unite and forgive one another, and your mind will be at ease. Unite all peoples and have a beautiful world for our children to live in"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Turtle

click to enlarge
"The turtle has a long journey to make while migrating. Sea turtles lay their eggs high up in the sand dunes, cover the eggs with sand and start the journey back to the ocean, while the babies have to defend for themselves.
I cannot not eat this meat"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Eagle

click to enlarge
"The Eagle - Personal Totem"
The two women up the tree are very ill, and have not much food left.
The eagle comes to cure the women, the eagle is the medicine man or women in our tribe. He leaves them food, and the large ants keep watch over them.
In the morning they are well again.
The eagle is my totem.
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Dreaming

click to enlarge
"When your mind is clear of worry, the trees will talk to you, and if you want any answers they will tell you.
All answers in life are with the trees"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Rainbow Serpent

click to enlarge
"The four rainbow serpent snakes representing the four men that make up our tribe. Everything on mother earth has a rainbow"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Hands of Moments

click to enlarge
"There are only moments in aboriginal life, western time is not the same.
Everything is happening now. The past, present and future are all happening now.
There is no time to waste. We should all join hands for a better world"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Stingray

click to enlarge
"The stingray is the family totem of the Buchanan family.
We cannot eat this meat, it is for the tribes next door to the Gumbaynggirr Nation"
AUD$ 36.95

Alison Buchanan Artist A4 Print - Starlight

click to enlarge
"The journey of the 5th dimension of time and space, through the eyes of an aboriginal. The spirits are born from a star"
AUD$ 36.95

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