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  Shelano & Goodlife+Derm
Shelano Special Set 2 (Collagen/5 items)

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Buy 1 get 1 Free
Shelano Special Set, includes:-
- 2 Shelano Skin Lightening Bio-Nano (6 ampoules)
- 2 Shelano Bio-Platinum Smoother Eye Gel (15ml)
- 2 Shelano Bio-Placenta Q10+ with Anti-Aging (50ml)
- 2 Shelano Advanced Day & Night Face Cream (50ml)

AUD$ 320.00

Shelano Bio-Placenta Q10+ with Anti-Aging - 50ml

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This facial essence is especially formulated and is highly efficient in re-energising the skin in order to achieve the smooth, beautiful skin with which you were born.
Placenta Extract, H.A, CoEnzyme Q10 and pure gold flake repair facial lines wrinkles, and now age spots faster than ever.
CoEnzyme Q10 helps to energise skin itself and to accelerate its natural self-peeling.
Placenta extract helps to stimulate the production of new cells, while gold flakes assists in smoothing away visible signs of ageing. Together with HA they encrease hydration to produce softer, smoother and more youthful looking skin.
AUD$ 35.00

Shelano Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder & BIO Nano Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum

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Two Box Offer:

Box 1:
Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum -3 Ampules 10 ml
ANTI - AGE 30+
Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder -3 Amp 6g

Box 2:
Triple Active Facial Serum-6 Ampules 10 ml

Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum:
Iontophoresis technology, together with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, placenta extract and other nutrients in ultra-pure water, can achieve deep skin penetration, and, thereby, perform a defensive function in skin-care. By restoring the balance of water and oil, skin moisture is maintained at a high level, and a supple skin elasticity is preserved.

Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder, Anti-age 30+ :
The whitening ingredients found in Shelano's exclusive development, is Australia's leading skin care technology. Used with VIII BIO-NANO to remove melanin and to prevent pigmentation, the product contains nano-amino acid, nano-ascorbic acid and hyaluronbic acid, which also improves skin antioxidant, and has the anti-ageing ability to tighten facial skin and to reproduce skin cells.
Triple Active Facial Serum:
Purified Water, PMMA, Lecithin, VC-Glucate, Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucan

Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder:
Purified Water, Biosacharide Gum-1, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid(HA-LQH), Bio PGA, Sodium PCA, Acetyl Hexapeptide 3(AH3), Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methyl/Propyl/Butyl Paraben.
AUD$ 175.00

Shelano ULTRA WHITE LUCID Bio-Placenta Radiance Mask

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This piece mask contains advanced whitening technology which effectively reduces melanin process & formation of dark spots Fights against pigmentation after sun exposure Elastic fiber fits face well & delivers whitening essence deep in to skin works well & brings out a whitened skin tone leaves a soft, Crystal clear & luminous.
Available Sizes: 6 Masks
AUD$ 35.00

Shelano Deer Placental 50000 (100 capsules)

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Deer is great source of nutrition food. It contains a much lower fat and cholesterol and it has become a favorite of health conscious individuals, including those on restrictive diets. It is not only low in fat and choleserol but high in vital nutrients like B vitamins, iron, and phosphorus.

Available Sizes: 100 Capsules
AUD$ 38.00

Goodlife+Derm Advanced Bio-Placenta Anti Age Serum - 25ml

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RRP $89.95 > NOW $39.95

Advanced Bio-Placenta Anti Age Serum is a scientifically formulated, dermatologically tested of product combining the latest advances in skin care. The major ingredients: vegetable placenta; soy protein extract; hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate are those most commonly used by Dermatology skin clinics for anti-ageing treatments, and have been proven to be clinically effective.

This unique formula is a natural way to accelerate the growth of skin cells and combat melanogenesis. The combination of the natural fruit (bilberry, a berry with a high antioxidant content) and Maltodextrin (a polysaccharide and carbohydrate derived from rice with natural enzymes and acids that help break down starch) is designed to improve the feel and texture of your skin.
This serum also contains Sodium hyaluronate and Hyaluronic acid, both of which are natural structural components of the skin. The secret of these two magic ingredients lies in their ability to retain moisture. They are considered to have a greater capacity to hold moisture. This alone can improve your skinís moisture content while at the same time strengthening your skinís surface. The hallmark of younger looking skin are a softer feel with a smoother and plumper skin surface. Using Advanced Bio-Placenta Anti Age Serum helps to give your skin that younger looking glow by restoring skin elasticity and texture, to maintain healthy looking glowing skin and arrest the ageing process.
AUD$ 39.95

Bio=Hi Performance Advanced Day & Night Face Cream Q10+ (50ml)

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Bio-Hi Performance Advanced Day and Night Face Cream are especially formulated to assist in reducing visible signs of skin aging, including lines and wrinkles. DNA and placenta Extract promote skin elasticity, While Squalene, H.A. (HYALURONIC ACID) and Co-Enzyme Q10, not Only penetrate the skin to provide a long-lasting moisturising effect, but also, in combination with lanolin and Vitamin E, Protects the skin, Leaving it softer and smoother.
AUD$ 35.00

Goodlife+Derm Bio-Placenta Day & Night Face Cream SPF12 - 50g

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RRP $89.95 > NOW $39.95

Advanced Bio-Placenta Anti-aging Day&Night Face Cream contains: Sheep placenta, Sodium Ascorbyl Palmitate, vitamin E, Isopropyl Palmitate, Rosehip Oil and Paraffin OIl.

Apply Morning and Night to have a nice smooth skin, radiant and youthful look everyday.
AUD$ 39.95

Goodlife+Derm Advanced Anti Age Serum & Day & Night Face Cream SPF12

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A Set of :-
1 Goodlife+Derm Advanced Bio-Placenta Anti Age Serum - 25ml

1 Goodlife+Derm Advanced Bio-Placenta Day & Night Face Cream SPF12 - 50g
AUD$ 75.00

Shelano Bio-Platinum Smoother Eye Gel - 15ml

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This Nano technology is specially formulated to target not one specific problem but a multitude of skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
This technologically advanced, high quality eye gel is encapsulated with Vitamin C, Collagen and Aloe Vera and other active ingredients to maximize the effect of the unique multi-bio-active extract.
These ingredients which are formulated to increase hydration will reduce wrinkles, lighten dark circles as well as diminish puffiness around the eyes so as to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging.
AUD$ 35.00

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