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  Shelano Specials
Shelano Skin Lightening Bio-Nano 2pack x (6 ampoules)

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Was $175/set > NOW 2sets FOR $150!
While stock last.

SHELANO Skin Lightening Program VIII Bio-Nano Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum-6 Ampoules 10ml. This luxurious triple active serum utilise breakthrough technology by combining the skin-nourishing effects of 100% Natural Marine Collagen with the super hydrating and penetrating qualities of Hyaluronic Acid and BIO-PGA.
This latest cosmetic scientific advance allows the skin to develop a naturally high moisture level, and subsequently assists in protecting if from the damaging effects of drying.
VIII BIO-NANO Serum facilitates the healthy regenerative functions of the skin, and can assist in maintaining a youthful, radiant appearance.
AUD$ 150.00

Shelano Special Set 1 (Vit C & Collagen/5 items)

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Shelano Special Set 1, includes:
- Shelano Skin Lightening Bio-Nano and ANTI-AGE 30+
- Shelano Bio-Platinum Smoother Eye Gel (15ml)
- Shelano Bio-Placenta Q10+ with Anti-Aging (50ml)
- Shelano Advanced Day & Night Face Cream (50ml)*2
AUD$ 220.00

Shelano Special Set 2 (Collagen/5 items)

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Shelano Special Set 2, includes:
- Shelano Skin Lightening Bio-Nano (6 ampoules)
- Shelano Bio-Platinum Smoother Eye Gel (15ml)
- Shelano Bio-Placenta Q10+ with Anti-Aging (50ml)
- Shelano Advanced Day & Night Face Cream (50ml) *2
AUD$ 220.00

Shelano Bio-Placenta Radiance Mask ( 6 Sheets / box)

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SPECIAL (Was $129.00/ box)
NOW (buy 1 get 1 free)

6 Sheets 36ml.

This piece mask contains advanced whitening technology which effectively reduces melanin process & formation of dark spots Fights against pigmentation after sun exposure Elastic fiber fits face well & delivers whitening essence deep in to skin works well & brings out a whitened skin tone leaves a soft, Crystal clear & luminous.
AUD$ 129.00

Shelano Detox Cream Q10 - 50ml out of stock

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SPECIAL (Was $79.95/ea)
Now $24.95

Anti-Age Q10+ Detox Cream
Discover the potent new injection-free facial anti-age Detox cream.
This has been specially formulated with the latest technology by using superior ingredients with micro-fine particles (Nano Technology) to reflect and scatter light away from the skin, at the same time herbals extracts - Evening Primrose extract, Aloe Vera Gel and marine Squalene ingredients - protect the skin against the external stresses of daily life, including pollution, overwork, lack of sleep and also stimulate surface Collagen production and increase hydration for softer, smoother and more youthful looking skin.
AUD$ 40.00

Age 30+ Triple Active Skin LighterningPowder & VIII BIO - NANO Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum

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Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum -3Amp 10ml

ANTI - AGE 30+
Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder -3 Amp 6g


Triple Active Facial Treatment Serum

Iontophoresis technology, together with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, placenta extract and other nutrients in ultra-pure water, can achieve deep skin penetration, and, thereby, perform a defensive function in skin-care. By restoring the balance of water and oil, skin moisture is maintained at a high level, and a supple skin elasticity us is preserved.

Triple Active Skin Lightening Powder,

Ant-age 30+, which contains the whitening ingredients found in Shelano's exclusive develoment, is Australia's leading skin care technology. Used with VIII BIO-NANO to remove melanin and to prevent pigmentation, the product contains nano-amino acid, nano-ascorbic acid and hyaluronbic acid, which also improves skin antioxidant, and has the anti-ageing ability to tighten facial skin and to reproduce skin cells
AUD$ 175.00

Shelano Bio-HiTox Q10 - 15ml

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SPECIAL (Was $79.95/ea)

This serum is moisturizing, healing, rejuvenating, Soothing and made with multiple antioxidant that strengthen, tone and firm the skin as well as build the skins natural collagen to prevent aging. The products is the best concentrated serum available due to its high levels of Argirelien, Co-enzyme Q-10 and Hyaluronic acid.
AUD$ 40.00

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